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it is extremely worrisome and scary. >> christopher dorner is armed and extremely dangerous. the targets are police officers and their families. the hunt is extensive. the death toll so far is throw. the killing spree started sunday, when police found a 27-year-old and 28-year-old fiance shot to death in their car. she was an assistant women's basketball coach and he was a public safety officer at usc. her father is a retired lapd captain turned lawyer and represented continuer when he was accused of making false accusations against the lapd. police found his wallet and lapd badge near the san diego airport at 2:30 this morning. they say last night he tied up a man and tried to steal his boat. that was after he opened fire on fellow officers. around 1:30 in corona, lapd officers were working the dorner
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care and they found him. >> the suspect exited the vehicle and immediately with a shoulder weapon and started to shoot at the officers. >> they returned fire. one officer was grazed in the head by a bullet. 10 minutes later two police officers were ambushed at a stoplight and shot. one was killed. >> it is intense. extremely volatile situation. the suspect is armed. is dangerous. and show as proceed -- propensity to shoot. >> torrance police were involved in two shootings when officers came across pickup trucks similar to the ones believed dorner is driving. neither incident actually involved dorner. in one of the shootings, two people were hit. we do not know the extent of the injuries. kristen? >> police say christopher dorner threatened to find and attack more than two dozen people including his former fellow
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officers and their families. a chilling passage from the document reads "i never had the opportunity to have a family of my own. i'm terminating yours." it says that the violence will be high and i will bring unconventional warfare to those in lapd uniform whether on or off duty. every person identified does have protection right now. >> as the bizarre story continues to grow this morning, a seven-year-old photo has resurfaced showing the suspect, a navy reservist, on the left, with then lapd police chief in 2006 used for an lapd news let fore a program honoring officers who also served in the military. oakland city council agreed to hire bratton as a consultant for the police department. >> in san diego, a navy official confirms that naval base is on
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lockdown. two sources tell us they do not believe this is connected to the christopher dorner case. we will monitor the situation as it develops. and now, the mayor of san antonio is joining forces to combat drug violence meeting with law enforcement officials and state senators who will announce a proposal for new gun control laws in california, including legislation to close loopholes in current firearm regulations. >> vallejo police are looking for two gunman who shot three people in a home invasion this morning. it happened at scene where amy is with an update on the victims and the search for the armed men. >> the motive is the question. police say nothing inside this home indicates why this home was chosen, they say maybe it is the location. it is on the corner so one fewer
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neighbor to worry about. across the street, a busy street, an escape route. they hop the fence and are out of here. that could be it. police do not know what route they took in and out of the neighborhood. however, they did get away. no one has found them. >> look at the front door. you can tell how the two armed men got in, stormed their way in to this two-story home at 3:40 in the morning. three people were inside. >> it is crazy. i cannot believe it. >> police, neighbors, and relatives are all asking that question: why this house? they wonder if it is because of a purchase the brother made. >> he did buy a tv a couple of weeks back and it cost about $3,000. i don't know...that is the most expensive thing they bought recently. >> the three people inside were taken to the hospital. the daughter, who is about 19 or
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20, was the first come face to face and shot in the finger. >> there was a male in his 20's. >> the mother was shot in the hip and a brother shot in the face. detectives have no motive so far. >> not sure why they were specifically targeted but we are treating it as random. >> we are good people. buddhists. >> the man of the house, the husband of the woman and the father of the two adult kids had northwest work to go to the family car wash they own in south san francisco. he wasn't here at the time. his three family members, his wife and two kids, are expected to be okay. police say they have not made any arrests and are not saying whether they have any good leads. live in vallejo for abc7 news. >> we have breaking news from
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oakland. this is video of sky 7 at telegraph avenue where police are investigating an armed robbery at a pawnshop this morning. we understand police are looking for three armed men who entered the store about 9:30. at this point, there are no reports of injuries and in further suspect information is available. >> in contra costa county, a huge fire destroyed this home. look at pictures, the heavy smoke billowing from the home. the fire break out before 9:00 this morning and it really burned. crews arrived the house was fully engulfed. it started in the bedroom. no one was hurt. >> sky 7 was over this tree down in oakland. this is highway 13. the tree branches blocked one northbound lane of traffic causing a backup for commuters. drivers had to rely on one lane to get through. crews have since cleared the scene. also in the east bay crews are
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working to politic up power at the college in pleasant hill. classes were canceled. it was caused by construction work on campus, a back hoe cut a power line at 7:30. the college is hoping to have the power back on by noon so afternoon classes can resume. the bay area finally, finally got some rain today. a big dose although it was just a short time. this is the rain in north beach in san francisco this morning. our meteorologist, mike nicco, is here with that. >> still on storm want as we have light-to-moderate rain moving through the south bay pulling away from cupertino to los gatos and you can see one of our better returns on pierce road, a better run, as well. lighter rain headed over to downtown san jose and the airport. we have a few radar returns in the higher elevation to the east so mount hamilton is getting
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rain right now. this is the first wave, the cold front moving through. it is falling apart the we had .1", the most so far. we have another set of storms right here. this is what will come in tonight. this is going to have more energy. these are the ones that could possibly produce thunder, lightning, small hail and snow down to 2,500' tonight. >> san jose mayor will deliver his state of the city address tonight with a goal of giving long delayed pay raises to city workers especially the police. are residents willing to tax themselves more to pay for it? our news reporter cornell bernard is live with that story. >> the state of the city is wet today but pretty good. we sat down together to get a preview of the address. he plans to ask voters for help to john rate more revenue. >> things are getting better. >> he says they are improving despite many challenges,
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including a rising crime rate and creating more jobs. the mayor will talk about plans to support police services and restore pay to worker whose took cuts to help balance the budget in recent years. to do that a sales tax increase is needed. >> we have to go to the ballot to get permission. that would be in 2014. it depends on the voter support. we have done some polling. the voters think we are moving in the right direction. >> that poll shows 70's percent of voters may support a quarter percent sales tax increase but only 57 percent favor half a percent high. and a worker at a maintenance worker that contracts with the city likes anything that will help keep his job. >> another tax hike could be a tough sell. >> people reach fatigue of it. i am for my fellow man and the
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community but you reach a point where "enough is enough." >> reforms approved last year could help the financial picture of the city but the mayor says it does not go far enough. the mayor's address is 6:30 at civic auditorium. >> still ahead, iran releases video of a downed u.s. drone and what the pentagon is saying about the video. >> boeing 787 dreamliner makes the first test flight since being grounded.
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>> new this morning, iran claims they have decoded footage from a downed u.s. drone. take a look. a man identified as a member of iran's military narrated the black and white footage on iran state tv. the pentagon has not commented on the video. iran said they took down the drone in december of 2011 in northeast iran. at time u.s. officials admitted the drone was missing. president obama asked iran to return it. >> president obama says the new pick for the c.i.a. chief will face a lot of questions for the drone warm. john brennan will testify in half an hour. he is expected to be grilled about strikes targeting
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terrorists overseas. >> boeing 787 dreamliner has safely landed in washington in the first test flight since the fleet was grounded around the world. the jet flew from texas with a skeletal crew and landed in the past hour at boeing facility in washington state. the flight is happening as a federal safety official urges the government to revoke approval for the batteries used in the dreamliner. several jets had fired sparked by the we batteries. a boeing official says it will not talk about compensating affected airlines until after the grounded jets are back in service. >> mike nicco is right when he predicted the rain. >> it was much needed. we have breaks in the cloud cover. the second round will come in tonight and it could be interesting with lightning, thunder, small hail and snow. we will talk about when it gets do your neighborhood and if you are headedded to the sierra, how
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were snow to expect. >> get ready for a close encounter,
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>> we have an update on breaking
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news from the top of the newscast. our sister station is reporting that a lockdown has been lifted at naval base point lomo, officials confirming that authorities were taking precautionary measures after an active duty member reported seeing someone that matched the christmas of a man named christopher dorner accuses of shooting three people including a fellow lapd officer. he is a former lapd officer. there is a massive two-state manhunt underway for the man. we will continue to follow this for you on with the latest later today at 4, 5, and 6:00. >> nasa scientists are discussing an asteroid that will whip past earth next week. scientists will have the telescopes ready. the rock will pass by earth on friday. it is small, only 150' across, so astronomers say not to bother looking for it in the sky.
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people can get a good look at it with high powered telescopes. we are looking at the sky, just in case there is more rain. >> tahoe snow, need a lot more for skiing. >> and we need more rain at home. we had some but it wasn't enough. we will get some more but it will be scattered and it could be interesting with a chance of thunder and hail and snow in the bay area. mount tamalpais, just a beautiful picture looking toward sausalito you can actually see the breaks in the cloud cover. there is moisture but they need something to ring it out. the cold front is in the south bay. that is the best chance for rain the next hour or so. south bay right now, it is actually raining a little bit. you can see it on the san jose camera. folks are using umbrellas.
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now live doppler 7 hd shows campbell toward los gatos on 17, our best chance of measurable rain and over downtown san jose as you saw on the shot. that is the rain we are seeing across the airport and into downtown san jose. enjoy, how is this moving? it is moving pretty much to the east, southeast, along with the cold front. it and moving this way with the cold front. expect from morgan hill to gilroy, they could get a few drops. in the afternoon and evening, especially, is when you get more showers. best rainfall amount is about a third of an inch at mt. st. helena. nothing measurable in san jose, yet. if you are headed out with the umbrella, possibly upper 40's to low 50's in most areas with let to mid-50's around monterey bay.
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partly sunny with a few breaks and showers develop this afternoon. a chance of thunder so lightning, also, and small hail and mountain snow and a dry and warmer weekend. now, the initial cold front is moisture starved so that is why the rain was so light. the energy that comes behind it is bringing colder air with more energy in it and a little bit more moisture in this and you can see the radar runs under the cold and that is sliding down our way. we will get a burst of heavy rain unlike the steady rain that we had this morning, especially in san francisco, it rained for about an hour. so, here is the cold front moving out of the south bay and we get a break for better part of the afternoon and in the evening, showers develop in the north bay pushing ashore by 7:00. at 9:00 they are in the heart of the bay area sliding to the southeast. here comes the low overnight when we have the best chance of thunder. if you hear something while you
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are sleeping or it wakes you up, it could be that or small hail and the snow is developing on hamilton by tomorrow morning during the commute. by noon tomorrow, it is gone. the sun comes out. you do not have to worry about wet weather friday evening. we will get up to a third of an inch and the higher elevations along the coast where we have stronger storms you could get half appear inch. at the sierra there will be fresh powder until 10:00 tomorrow morning and up to 7" of snow possible. remember, chain controls are possible through tomorrow morning. the accweather seven-day outlook show low-to-mid 50's today. same thing tomorrow. you can see the slow warming, mid-to-upper 50's on saturday, and sunny and mid-50's to 60's on sunday and most of us are away from the beaches and we will be in the 60's next monday, tuesday, and wednesday. >> still ahead, have you wanted
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>> coming up at 3:00 on "katie" retired box irand an actress and holding california gun owners accountable that requires gun owners do have gun insurance. >> if you have wanted to watch across the bay bridge, a proposed labor day grand opening celebration includes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make that trip on foot from oakland to san francisco. 125,000 people will be allowed to walk across the bridge before the span opens to traffic. the plan will be discussed at a public meeting next week. >> the bridge will be closed for
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four days over labor day weekend and scheduled to open september 3. >> cannot wait. long time coming. >> thanks for joining us.
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[drama ♪ >> [shrieks] [cheers and applause] >> hello, everyone, and welcomem to millionaire.
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sitting at $100,000 and about to go for $250,000, please welcome, from new york city, olga kreimer. olga! [cheers and applause] i just want to know how you're feeling righ >> you know, i feel very lucky already. and also, i'm just really excited to have gotten this far. it's so fun to play this game. >> and you have great-- you're a math and spanish tutor, but you're a woman of simple needs, really. you said if you made a lot of money wanted a steam-vac and a cheese of the month club subscription. >> yeah, that about sums it up. >> that was it for her. >> yeah, pretty much-- pretty true, yeah. >> anything else? >> well, i-- besides being a math tutor, i'm also a writer, which, as probably any writer knows, i don't get paid for at the moment, so i would probably want to take a summer off from working and go live on a secluded cliff by an ocean somewhere and write for a summer, yeah. >> and just write. okay, what kind of writing do you do? >> i write poetry at the moment. >> oh, how lovely. all right, well, i hope you write a poem about making it to $1,000,000. >> yeah, i can't wait.

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